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Boot Area Only
The boot are only liner is the most basic liner we sell and the most popular. It fits into just the boot area of your car providing complete protection along the floor, Up the back of the rear seats and up the sides of the boot. It also includes a free bumper protector that folds out over the rear bumper to provide extra protections.

Extended Boot Liner
The Extended or Up To Front liner is the same at the boot are liner in every way, except it covers all the way to the front seats of your vehicle and is designed to be fitted with the rear seats permanently folded down providing a complete load coverage. This is ideal if you aren't going to be using the back seats while the liner is in.

Two Part Liner
The Two Part liner is the best of both worlds. It is a Boot Area Only liner that fits in just your boot with a 'second part' that fastens to the Boot Area Liner turning it into the Extended Boot Liner that will cover all the way up to the front seats of your vehicle when the rear seats are folded.  This is ideal if you want the same coverage of an Extended Liner while still having access to put the rear seats up if needs be.