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Polestar - Extendable Two Part Boot Liner
Polestar - Extendable Two Part Boot Liner
Polestar - Extendable Two Part Boot Liner
Polestar - Extendable Two Part Boot Liner
Polestar - Extendable Two Part Boot Liner

Polestar - Extendable Two Part Boot Liner



Our Two Part Boot Liner

Our Two Part Boot liners are the most versatile of the liners that we make coming in two parts. The first part is a standard boot liner that fits into the boot area of your vehicle providing protection to the boot area. The second part is the essentially a second liner that mates up and attached to the first boot liner when you fold down your rear seats, Turning it into one of our extended liners providing a complete load area cover up to the front seats and the side of the doors. Giving you the best of both worlds.

They are made from a heavy duty bonded polyester material making them light weight and versatile for easy fitment while being able to stand up to heavy duty use and providing a dust and waterproof protection.

They can be fitted with minutes and removed just as quick. They attached to the car with elastic loops over the headrests and Velcro to hold the sides up. They are fully machine washable and able to be folded to the size of a carrier bag for easy storage.

All of our boot liners are all handmade to measure individually for each vehicle. These are NOT a one size fits all product and will fit your boot area.

Liner Optional Extras
  • 60/40 Split: The 60/40 split option is on the back part of the boot area part of the liner. The liner has Velcro seams that allows the back to fold down when the seats are flat providing some protection to the load floor.
  • Rear Seat Bib: The rear seat bib is attached to the top of the back of the boot liner. This bib is a bit of additional fabric that comes over the top of the rear seats. We find this ideal if you have a dog that likes to travel with their head over the rear seat! The bib also aids with holding the liner in place as it Velcros around the headrests.
  • Padded Base: This adds a layer of upholstery foam to the base of the boot liner to give it a bit of padding for a bit of extra protection or as something a bit more comfortable for a dog to sit on. The foam padding is removable.
  • Rod Flap: This adds a flap in the back of the liner between the front seats. We find this is ideal for fishermen with rods that will be a bit longer that the liner as this allows them room to poke through.
  • Side Door Opening: Side opening add a small flap opening on the side of the liner that is sealed shut with Velcro. This will allow the flap to drop down when the rear doors are opened should you need access from the rear doors.
  • Separate Padded Mattress:The separate padded mattress is essentially the same as the padded base but it isn't attached to the liner. It is a separate item. Cut the shape of the boot for a good fit. Provides padded protection to the boot floor or a comfy spot for the dog. Foam can be removed if is need washing.
  • Boot Door Protector:The rear door panel or boot door protector is an additional made to measure cover that attaches to the rear hatch / boot door of the vehicle to provide extra protection. Ideal when paired with a boot liner to provide complete protection to the boot area of a vehicle.
  • SKU: RBL2557
  • Weight: 1kg


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