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Standard Boot Area Liner

This is our most standard boot liner. It fits into the boot of your car and covers the floor, the sides of the boot and up the back of the rear seat. The back of the liner is held in place with elastic loops that fit  around car's rear headrests and the sides via Velcro.

Extended Boot Liners

Our extended boot liner is designed to fit into the car when the rear seats have been folded flat. It fits into the back of the car and covers the base of the boot and folded seats, The sides of the car and the back of the front seats. The back is held in place via elastic loops that fit around the front headrests and the sides via attached Velcro.

Two Part Boot Liners

Our Two Part Liners are a mix of both Boot Area and Extended.  They come as a standard Boot Area Liner that fits into the boot of your car. Then a second liner attaches to it to turn it into one of our extended liners that fits in up to the front seats with the rear seats folded down.

All of our liners come with a flap that covers the rear bumper when folded out.

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