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Boot Area Liner

Introducing our Boot Area Liner:  Our Boot Liner is a great fit for your car's boot, It is made to measure and it covers the boot floor, the sides and up the back of the rear seat.  The Boot Line secures in place with elastic loops that fit around the headrests and have Velcro sewn on to attach to the car, providing a snug and reliable fit.

Up to Front Seats Boot Liners

Specifically made to fit when your rear seats are folded down, our extended boot liner covers the base of the boot, the folded seats, the sides of the car, and even the back of the front seats. Elastic loops secure the back portion around the front headrests, while attached Velcro ensures a secure fit on the sides.

Extendable Two Part Boot Liner

For utmost versatility, our two part boot liner combines the functionality of both the Boot Area and Extended liners. It consists of a standard Boot Area Liner that fits snugly into the boot of your car. Additionally, a second liner attaches to convert it into one of our extended liners, providing coverage up to the front seats when the rear seats are folded down.


All our boot liners are equipped with a convenient flap that covers the rear bumper when folded out, ensuring comprehensive protection when loading and unloading your vehicle. Explore our range of boot liners and discover the perfect fit for your vehicle today.

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